New Location: 8830 Currie, Northville, Michigan, 48170

Located one block south of 7mile, on west side of Currie. Look for flag with blue bird on it.  Go up long drive, park in stone parking lot. Go into white building with red door.


Also please note.. Phone number has changed from 734-455-1438 to 734-796-6690 

Self Acceptance Process Workshop 

Thur 7-9 

January 24th:  Learning to be kind to oneself, embracing vulnerability as source of power, and  connecting deeper with the moment. 

Loving all parts of yourself, you have insights into your divine nature and awaken innate gifts within yourself,

$40 Workshop includes

Inspirational talk by Barbra on Self Acceptance

Heart opening Chi Cong (moving meditation)

Learn healing life supporting tools. 


Self Acceptance Talks

at Align Chiropractic In Ann Arbor

2464 E. Stadium, Blvd.  730-9pm

Jan 9th  Empower your goals, and create a real foundation for change. 


Individual Sessions offer incredible support and guidance. Call to schedule an appointment 734.796-6690

    Live Your Passion.  Release The Past.  Gain Clarity. 

Books by Barbra

Start your journey to self with one of her books, “Why Self Acceptance is so Powerful”, “Magnificent YOU”, Amazon best seller “Self Acceptance Process”, and her new book “Finding The One”. Available on Amazon.

Those who have benefited from Barbra’ work

Are Deep seekers who…

  • are motivated into this work usually from: depression, general dissatisfaction with life, relationship struggles, insecurities, divorce, sexual shame.
  • are desiring to know themselves and live on purpose.
  • are ready to give their gifts in ONLY the way they can
  • are ready to own their personal power
  • are desiring to deepen their connection to their body, sexuality, spirituality and purpose.
  • are ready to harness their intuition and innate connection

Individual Healing Sessions combines compassion, intuitive guidance, energy work, and psychotherapy.  Clear years of pain, step past your barriers, and learn tools to empower your life .  Barbra is honored to support you and be an encouraging presence in your life.   Learn to be a student to your own divinity and align with your Soul’s purpose. Self Acceptance Process, body releasing, acupuncture and trauma erase homeopathy are tool’s utilized in the session to support you in your Soul’s journey. Allow yourself to benefit from Barbra’s compassion,  wisdom, and over 17 years of experience.

Sessions can focus on: 

  • Owning your power
  • Living your divine destiny
  • Energy training (Reiki, Shamballa, Qi Cong)
  • Intuitive development
  • Expressing your creativity and unique truth’s
  • Releasing the need for approval and people pleasing
  • Healing depression, trauma, and shame
  • Healing the core emotional reason your body is ill
  • Self Acceptance
  • A deeper relationship with yourself and the Divine

SESSION PRICES: (50min-120min. Session goes until transformation happens) 

  • Session: Sliding Scale 150-185.

 ADDITIONAL HEALING THERAPIES are used in your session. 

The following therapies are VERY supportive of growth, healing and emotional balance.  Barbra uses all four therapies in a session (at her discretion according to the client’s needs). However, each of these therapies can be scheduled as a separate session.

  • Auricular Medicine for emotional balance
  • Energetic Emotional Balancing
  • Somatic Energetic Clearing
  • Trauma Erase Homeopathy

In creating a safe healing container for your process, a closure session is required. 

Bannor Front Page Testamonial Barbra White 3 Bannor Front Page Testamonial Barbra White 3

“We are each called at some point in our lives to seek guidance and support…..look no further! From balancing your physical body out to releasing old emotional blocks to learning what it truly means to love yourself by ACCEPTING YOURSELF FIRST! She is a gem in this world, and you are too!! ”

— Tara D., Brighton, MI

“What a powerful weekend, so full of love and growth. So thankful for Barbra and the amazing group of people that were there!”

— Karen

“I had a bit of anxiety coming to this retreat. Meeting new people, being in a place I’ve never been. After being here four days, I wish it was longer and we could stay. I got so much out of the week. I was inspired, I found strength, I learned from everyone else that was there. I connected with myself, my energy, and other people’s energy. It was an amazing experience. I will definitely be coming to another one! Thank you, Barbra.”

— C.Z.


Self Acceptance Process Certification

And Natural Healthy Training 

In this program  you will get:

mentorship, healing, community and compassionate support.

You will also receive certifications in:

Three energy healing forms 

Trauma Erase Homeopathy,

Auricular Acupresssure for emotional healing 

AND the Self Acceptance Process!!

This powerful year will also include training in:

shadow healing, 


heart-centered qi cong,

and Earth-based spirituality.

This program will kick your butt, awaken your gifts and hold your heart with tender gentleness.

Learn the tools of trans-personal therapy: (trans-personal: beyond the personality–shifting identity from limited to unlimited)

The core of all healing: Non-duality 

Eco-psychology (Shamanic) practices and principle

Engage in the powerful process in loving both the dark and light within oneself.

Be guided into how to harness your intuitive gifts and live your highest joy 

SELF ACCEPTANCE PROCESS CERTIFICATION program for 2019 will INCLUDE additional certifications in Trauma Erase Homeopathy, Auricular Acupressure, AND three energy healing forms (Kaurna Reiki, Traditional Reiki, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) 12 main meridian system.