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Sessions & Mentoring

Barbra offers Sessions and Mentoring at her healing center “Accepted As I Am” located at: 157 S. Mill Street, Plymouth, MI. 48170.

Call to schedule an appointment 734.455.1438

A Place of Love

At the “Accepted As I Am Center”, people learn to truly love them selves, and love the Self in all Others. Discovering the innate love within; from that place of inner wholeness, they are inspired into service of others.

Books by Barbra

Start your journey to self with one of her books, “Why Self Acceptance is so Powerful”, “Magnificent YOU”, Amazon best seller “Self Acceptance Process”, and her new book “Finding The One”. Available on Amazon.

Those who have benefited are: 

Deep spiritual seekers who…

  • are motivated into sessions, usually from: depression, anxiety, parenting troubles, general dissatisfaction with life, communication difficulties, insecurities, divorce, accepting sexuality, attention difficulties and physical illness
  • are willing to learn and be mentored
  • make the material theirs and are willing to apply it into their life
  • are seeking to live their dreams
  • own their personal power
  • deepen their connection
  • and be a healer to others as a living example

Sessions combine spirituality and psychotherapy, allowing a grounded, supported experience. This work is truly holistic. Your body’s health and messages are included as important feedback to the process. The work is different than traditional therapy because a strong intentionality of your already present wholeness is held in each session. Rather than analyze and pathologize your struggles, the ‘obstacles’ to your happiness are used as ‘fertilizer’ for your evolotion. The work is unique, powerful and life changing.

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“We are each called at some point in our lives to seek guidance and support…..look no further! From balancing your physical body out to releasing old emotional blocks to learning what it truly means to love yourself by ACCEPTING YOURSELF FIRST! She is a gem in this world, and you are too!! ”

— Tara D., Brighton, MI

“What a powerful weekend, so full of love and growth. So thankful for Barbra and the amazing group of people that were there!”

— Karen

“I had a bit of anxiety coming to this retreat. Meeting new people, being in a place I’ve never been. After being here four days, I wish it was longer and we could stay. I got so much out of the week. I was inspired, I found strength, I learned from everyone else that was there. I connected with myself, my energy, and other people’s energy. It was an amazing experience. I will definitely be coming to another one! Thank you, Barbra.”

— C.Z.